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Important! WECP Payment Night & Important Dates

If you have registered your child, you will have received an email confirming that your child is registered in one of our classes at the Westend Community Playschool in Rio Terrace – Moravian Church. If you registered and have not yet received an email, please contact us!


There will be a staggered entry during the first week of school.  This means that half of the children will come to class on one day (Monday, September 12th, 2016 9:00AM – 11:30AM) and the other half the next day (Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 9:00AM – 11:30AM). This has proven to help with the transition into school.  All students will attend together the following day (Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 9:00AM – 11:30AM).


Payment Night will be held on Thursday, September 8th from 6:00-7:30PM, at the Westend Community Playschool – Moravian Church 15108-76 Ave.  We ask that all families send at least one adult for this evening to make their payment and to choose their casino shift.

The classrooms are still being used by the church, so they will not yet be set up on payment night. However the teachers and assistants will be present if you would like to meet them before the first day of school. Children are also welcome to come to meet their teachers.

PLEASE NOTE – DO NOT bring cash. We will only accept cheques and bank drafted money orders. Cash poses a security risk for the volunteer board members. An additional cheque will also be needed for the casino deposit. This will be returned upon completion of a casino shift. (See casino info below)

Payment can be made in one of the following three options:

Option 1: One Annual Lump Sum Payment

-Bring one cheque (plus a casino deposit cheque) for $2250 dated for payment night ($2200 plus a $50 toy cleaning fee).

Option 2: Two Biannual Payments

-Bring two cheques (plus a casino deposit cheque): one for $1150 dated for payment night and one for $1100 dated February 1, 2017 (The first cheque includes a $50 toy cleaning fee).

Option 3: Ten Monthly Payments

-Bring a VOID cheque, a second cheque for $50 (one time toy cleaning fee) AND a casino deposit cheque. Your first payment will be for both September and October, and will be withdrawn automatically from your bank account at the beginning of October. Please be aware that your first payment will be a double payment ($440). Subsequent monthly payments will take place at the beginning of the month.

($220 per month x 10 months = $2200)

-If you select this option, please fill out the PAP (Pre-Authorized Payment) form. If you do not have cheques, please take the WECP PAP form to your bank and have them provide the bank equivalent PAP information to attach to your form. Without cheques you will need to provide a bank draft for the $50 toy cleaning fee.


Cheques or Bank Drafts are to be made out to “Westend Community Playschool”

Tuition payment will be returned to you if your child withdraws from the Playschool. However, please remember that 30 days written notice to the registrar is required.  No withdrawal refunds are allowed for June.

**If you are unable to make it to this payment night, please Contact Us ASAP and we can make alternate arrangements. You may have the option of delivering the necessary forms on your child’s first day of school**

As many of you know, a portion of the WECP Funding comes from the AGLC as a result of our contributing volunteers to two Casino days every two years. This year is a Casino year for WECP and as such we will require families to provide a cheque for $250, which will be returned to you upon completion of your volunteer shift. If parents decide not to provide a volunteer for the casino their cheque will be cashed.

Only one adult per family is required to volunteer. However, if more than one family member is able and wants to volunteer that is permitted (and greatly appreciated by the school).

If someone wants to volunteer for more than one shift that is permitted as well (and also greatly appreciated by the school).

If you volunteer for a shift it is mandatory that you show up to your shift. No shows are not acceptable as every single shift must be filled for the casino. The school is fined considerable penalties for any no shows that are directly withdrawn from the casino proceeds the school is expected to receive.

All volunteers must fill out the form titled Casino Volunteer Booking Form. Please fill out this form prior to payment night and bring it with you along with your $250 refundable cheque.

Any volunteers for a key position (which are: general manager, assistant general manager, count room supervisor, cashier and banker) must fill out an additional form titled Casino Volunteer Worker Application, which can be found here: http://www.aglc.ca/pdf/gaming/gaming_forms/5400.pdf . Please fill out this form prior to payment night and bring it with you if you are considering any of these positions.

The sign up sheet for all volunteer shifts will be at payment night.

Thank you!


The WECP Parent Advisory Board